Online Marketing

Tourism Saskatchewan’s Digital Marketing department is responsible for a variety of online advertising, marketing and engagement activities, including:

#ExploreSask Toolkit: Tourism Saskatchewan is using #ExploreSask to share and curate content with the tourism industry and tourists on social media. Click here to access the Toolkit and find out how you can be involved. 

Content Marketing: Research, monitor content marketing trends; create written, photo, video and graphic content for social, email, mobile; engage content creators (media, social media influencers, etc.); encourage, incentivize and curate consumer content creation and sharing.

Social Media Engagement: Tourism Saskatchewan is active on Facebook (general consumer and fishing); Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Social campaigns include contests, follower building, user content incentivizing, content curation (e.g. #ExploreSask image tagging), influencer engagement programs and content partnerships.

Website: Tourism Saskatchewan’s consumer marketing websites is

Search and Social Media Advertising: To supplement its traditional advertising, Tourism Saskatchewan employs cost-effective search advertising to promote general tourism and fishing in Saskatchewan via Google Adwords advertising. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube advertising helps reach new consumers and further engage existing ones. 

Email Marketing: Tourism Saskatchewan’s general consumer newsletter is SaskSecrets. It promotes events, attractions, vacation packages and provides travel inspiration to over 25,000 subscribers.