The Importance of Tourism

When you hear the word “tourism”, what comes to mind? Exotic, far away lands? Think again. In 2015, 12.2 million visits were made to and within Saskatchewan. Tourism is a significant economic driver. Travel expenditures in Saskatchewan reached 2.15 billion in 2015. Tourism links communities throughout our vast province, and defines our image – how we see ourselves and how others see us.

Saskatchewan’s tourism sector comprises five industries – accommodation, food and beverage, recreation and entertainment, transportation, and travel services. From bed and breakfasts and restaurants to parks and museums, tourism touches every corner. Virtually all areas of business are influenced by tourism.

The sector employs a diverse range of Saskatchewan citizens, including service station attendants to golf resort owners. Residents in every community, large and small, rural and urban, are engaged in tourism activities. Almost 65,000 people (nearly 10 per cent of Saskatchewan workers) of all ages, ethnicities, and skill sets derive their livelihood from tourism.

Our vision: A vibrant entrepreneurial tourism industry offering year-round compelling and memorable Saskatchewan experiences.

Our mission: Connect people with quality Saskatchewan experiences and advance the development of successful tourism operations.

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